Package com.mg105.entities

package com.mg105.entities
  • Class
    Battle is a class which contains information about the status of a combat encounter, the participating characters, and the order in which they would move, along with a number of upgrade tokens upon victory.
    BattleCharacter is a class which contains the stats and other battle related information corresponding to a specific character.
    Consumable is an interface that should only be implemented by items that can be use on a character
    A Doorway represents a single-direction connection from one room to another.
    A class that represents the state of the game
    Data for what actions player has completed, contains methods for mutating the data
    An inventory is a class that manages items
    An item represents something that can be used in some manner to change something about the game environment
    Move is a class which contains the combat properties and name of a specific move used by a specific character.
    OpponentSet stores a potential battle on a map.
    Room represents a single room in the map.
    TreasureChest is a class representing the treasure chests in the game.
    Information about the player being placed on the map.