Package com.mg105.user_interface

package com.mg105.user_interface
  • Class
    AlertBox is a component that creates a new window and display a users a message.
    This class uses JavaFX and is displayed during an active battle.
    InputListener takes keyboard inputs and passes them on to an appropriate interpreter.
    A user interface class that displays the state of the inventory to the user and allows them to perform actions that relate to the inventory and its items.
    LoseMenu is displayed when the player loses the game.
    The main game menu.
    MapDrawer draws the map as a grid of tiles.
    MapGeneratorButton acts as the event handler for the actual JavaFX button that will generate a map.
    Draw the Minimap.
    ReplayGeneratorButton acts as the event handler for the actual JavaFx button that will replay the game.
    SceneController acts as the central coordination mechanism for the user interface.
    A user interface component that can be toggled on or off depending on its visibility.
    Returns the actual text that is displayed to the player
    Create a window for the tutorial scenes
    This class uses JavaFX and is displayed when the user wants to change the walking character sprite.
    A menu that is shown to the player after they have reached the final room