Class DataStorageCreator

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Direct Known Subclasses:
MoveDataCreator, PartyDataCreator

public abstract class DataStorageCreator extends Object implements CreateDataStorage
This class should be extended for aspect of the game's state that need to have storage systems created Really the only reason for this class is get rid of the duplicate code warnings (the CreateDataStorage) interface is really enough for OOP
  • Constructor Details

    • DataStorageCreator

      public DataStorageCreator(@NotNull @NotNull String path, @NotNull @NotNull String[][] initialData)
      Creates a new instance of DataStorageCreator
      path - the file path to create data to
      initialData - the inital data to create
  • Method Details

    • createDataStorage

      public void createDataStorage()
      Creates a data storage system for the specific aspect of the game this class pertains to
      Specified by:
      createDataStorage in interface CreateDataStorage